We have an IT person/team...

Your technology is evolving...so should your IT support services.

Cyber threats often overwhelm—and sometimes cripple—organizations who burden the risk of doing all their IT work in-house. Fortunately, though, as technology threats have evolved, so have IT solutions.

Take a moment to read the following statements… Do any of them sound familiar when it comes to your IT situation?

  • When our IT team member(s) is out sick or on vacation, we’re stuck
  • Our IT team is busy fighting fires, so there’s no time to be proactive with IT
  • IT upgrades and maintenance take a long time to be completed
  • Employees wait days or weeks to get problems solved
  • Staff won’t ask for assistance from our IT team because they don’t want to be a burden, so they “make do” with their problems, and their productivity suffers
  • We have disaster recovery and continuity of operations plans, but they’re not tested regularly
  • We’ve signed off on IT projects and upgrades, but the implementation plan is at a standstill
  • There’s no transparency, so we never know what’s happening when

As technology rapidly changes, the pressure builds for existing in-house IT staff to keep up. Unfortunately, building or restructuring an IT department to both serve an organization and take proactive measures for the future is an expensive and nearly impossible task for many small-to-mid-size organizations. Often, this level of service requires third-party support, or outsourced IT services.

If you’re unsure about your current IT support model, now’s the time to ask questions. Sign up for a free consultation with our IT experts so you can “know what you don’t know” about IT.

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