No two businesses are alike, including their risk of becoming impacted by cybercrime. Beyond company size, industry, location, and overall likelihood of a cyberattack, many factors go into the type of cyber insurance policy you qualify for and should purchase. 

To qualify for a cyber insurance policy, you must have a strong security infrastructure in place. Organizations that can't meet the data security controls underwriters require may be unable to obtain cyber insurance coverage or could see a significant rate increases at renewal.

In our Cyber Insurance Coverage Checklist we share the steps you can take to boost your organization’s overall cybersecurity stance.

20230209-Mainspring-linkedin-may-Cyber Insurance Coverage Checklist

What you’ll learn:

How to meet the cyber insurance policy requirements.
How to build your tech stack to protect company data.
Repercussions if your business encounters a cyberattack.
How to structure cybersecurity training so the results are effective and lasting.
How to meet the data security controls underwriters require.