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In January you’ll learn:

  • When outsourcing IT, HR, finance, sales, and marketing makes sense
  • How outsourcing helps you hire a team with the skills you need
  • The budget advantages outsourcing provides
  • What to look for when choosing the best partner
  • How outsourcing helps you make strategic moves, especially during uncertain financial times

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vCIO Perspectives Webinar
Jumpstart Your Annual IT Budgeting & Planning

It is time to plan and budget for your 2023 IT requirements;  successful businesses will focus their spending on IT security, modernization, and automation to make their businesses more efficient and growth-minded. 

What We Covered:

  • How to scope your future IT requirements
  • How to control and optimize your current IT investments
  • Uncover IT costs you haven’t considered 
  • How to plan and budget for an effective IT ecosystem
  • PLUS … walk away with an annual IT budget worksheet

vCIO Perspectives Webinar
Combat Common Cybersecurity Threats: Learn More About CIS Controls

Cybersecurity Consultant and Founder of Craina Consulting Group, Thomas El-Khatib joins us to discuss the uptick in ransomware attacks, CIS controls and how to prevent common cyberattacks.

What We Covered:

  • How to prevent 90% of common cyberattacks by implementing the first 6 Controls
  • How to proactively improve your cyber readiness and resilience with the right IT partner
  • How to measure your preparedness for a cyber incident
  • How to simplify your NIST audit

vCIO Perspectives Webinar
Doing More with Less, Leveraging Automation to Streamline Business Processes

The pace of technology evolution is increasing exponentially, and businesses require more application development than most IT teams can deliver or support. 

What We Covered:

  • How to translate innovation into business value at speed
  • How to develop solutions that adapt to the rapid progress of today’s world
  • How to build digital assets with the same resources while reducing maintenance costs
  • How to quickly enhance existing solutions as new requirements occur

vCIO Perspectives Webinar
Automated Security Awareness Training

Cybersecurity training that is simple, repeatable, and measurable is a basic business need for organizations to facilitate risk management. 

What We Covered:

  • What modern cybersecurity awareness training includes
  • Why end users are the biggest security risk to organizations
  • How to successfully implement a cybersecurity awareness training program 
  • The benefits of continued training, practical assessments and cybersecurity education

vCIO Perspectives Webinar
How Technology Has Impacted Candidate Hiring and Employee Retention

How HR and IT work together to streamline and optimize employee recruitment, hiring, satisfaction, and retention.

What We Covered: 

  • Smart and efficient recruiting, hiring, and retention
  • How to streamline new employee onboarding
  • How HRIS is a partnership between HR and IT
  • How to use IT to project hiring needs and prepare for growth

vCIO Perspectives Webinar
Trends, Tips and Trials of Managing your IT

Understand the benefits of having a virtual CIO who can manage both the strategic technical direction of your organization while also resolving chronic technical difficulties your staff is experiencing.

What We Covered: 

  • Multifactor Authentication (MFA) what it is and how to implement it within your organization
  • Common IT problems you might be experiencing in your own organization
  • Simple-to-creative solutions to solve your most time-consuming IT issues

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PODCAST: Brilliance Security Magazine

How managed security service providers can help protect against ransomware

Ray Steen joins host Steve Bowcut in a discussion on what businesses can do to protect against a ransomware attack, what should they do if they are victimized, and how MSSPs can assist their clients before and after an attack.